Coverage for Your Furriest Family Member

March 21, 2018

It’s no secret that Safe Harbor Insurance is an office full of animal lovers.

It’s also no secret that life sometimes comes at you unexpectedly.

We’ve had our fair share of unfortunate surprises with our pets – from swallowed tennis balls and torn knee ligaments to diabetes and hyperthyroidism – and vet bills can add up fast. Most of us, in hindsight, have wished that we’d had an insurance policy for our dogs and cats, which is why we’re excited to announce:

Safeco is now offering pet health insurance!

Safeco has recently partnered with Hartville Pet Insurance to bring you comprehensive coverage for your four-pawed family members. Whether you want a complete policy that covers dental cleanings and annual exams, or are simply looking for financial peace of mind in case of an unforeseeable accident or illness, there is an affordable option through Safeco.

Policy owners can customize their coverage in a variety of ways. Choose your deductible, your annual coverage limit, and even your reimbursement percentage for covered services. Add one pet, or multiple pets at a reduced cost. And save up to 10% just for having other Safeco policies!

We can’t wait to help our fellow animal lovers find the coverage they need for their beloved pets. Check out the Hartville website for more information, and then call us at (360) 378-2949. We’ll do all the work for you!