How to Hallo-Win at Halloween

October 29, 2019

Halloween is here, but it doesn’t have to be all scary! Before you head out for some trick-or-treating, take a look at these tips to maximize safety – and fun – for everyone.

Haute “Boo-ture”

Costumes should make people say “ooh,” not “ow!” Make sure shoes fit well and any draping material such as a cape isn’t going to be a tripping hazard. Masks can interfere with vision, so perhaps choose face paint and hats instead. Just be sure to test out a spot of face paint a few days before trick or treating, in case of a reaction.

Make sure trick-or-treaters are easily visible to drivers. Go for brightly colored costumes, or consider adding reflective tape to dark costumes and candy bags. Add a little fun with glow sticks or necklaces, and make sure someone in the group has a flashlight.


If you’re having trick-or-treaters, take a moment to un-haunt your house. Pick up hoses, toys, and anything else in the front yard that someone might trip over in the dark. Sweep slick leaves off of the porch and walkways. Keep exterior lights on (or at least until you’re out of candy – it’s a universal sign).

Put away pets that might be uncomfortable with visitors or perhaps a bit too exuberant for small children. Make sure indoor animals can’t accidentally slip out an open door.


Always have an adult accompany children, and stay together! Never enter a home or vehicle for candy. If older children are going out alone, agree on a route and a time to be home, and make sure they carry a cell phone.

Always walk on the sidewalk or on the edge of the road facing traffic if no sidewalk is available. Cross the street at designated crosswalks or at visible intersections, and assume drivers can’t see you.


Everyone should eat a good meal before going out, to deter kids (and adults) from gorging on sugar for dinner. Check candy before eating and remove anything suspicious, unwrapped or spoiled. It’s rare for people to tamper with Halloween candy these days, but it never hurts to check.

Happy Halloween!