High Value Home Insurance

One-of-a-kind protection for your one-of-a-kind luxury home.

If you own a high value home, you know that most typical homeowners policies don’t fit your coverage needs. Your home isn’t ordinary, and neither should your protection be.

Homeowners vs. High Value – Contents Coverage

A typical homeowners policy will have caps on contents coverage for different categories of items. If your personal belongings exceed the capped amount, you need to purchase separate endorsements, or insurance “riders,” to cover the additional value. If you have an extensive list of luxury items that need additional coverage, the limits on the endorsements may still not be high enough. With high value home insurance, you can receive full coverage without the need to purchase several endorsements, which will save you money and hassle.

Luxury items that appreciate in value over time, rather than depreciating – such as fine wines, art, and jewelry – are also taken into consideration. It is highly recommended to opt for replacement cost coverage, as opposed to actual cash value, as the value of such items is determined by multiple factors.

Homeowners vs. High Value – Dwelling Coverage

In the event of a catastrophic loss to the home, it is imperative to have a policy that will cover more than just your remaining mortgage. The specialized nature of a custom or high-value home means that rebuilding will be both more expensive and time-consuming. A high value home policy with Guaranteed Dwelling Replacement Cost covers the full cost of rebuilding with the same quality materials and construction techniques as the original structure, even if it exceeds your policy limit.

Additionally, most high value home policies will allow you to choose a cash settlement if you do not wish to (or cannot) replace an item or rebuild your home. The vast majority of homeowners policies will only pay out after the home has been rebuilt or the item replaced.

Additional Considerations

Enhanced contents and dwelling coverages are only two benefits of choosing a high value home policy. Contact us to learn more about specialized home appraisals, wildfire defense, ransom coverage, and more!

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