Location, Location, Location: How Your Address Might Be Impacting Your Insurance Premiums

February 10, 2020

Most people probably aren’t considering their home address as a price factor when they shop for car insurance, but in fact, it plays a big part in determining your premium. Think about it: where you live is where you do most of your driving, parking, filling, washing, servicing…you get the picture. So it’s also statistically where you’re most likely to encounter some mishap that leads to you filing a claim.

If you live in an area that increases your chances of a covered loss like theft, vandalism, even body damage from hailstorms – you’ll probably see an increased cost of insurance, as well.

Check out the infographic below to find out the top location factors that might affect your insurance rates for both auto and homeowners insurance, and give us a call at (360) 378-2949 if you have any questions.