San Juan County Summer Backyard Party Safety

May 14, 2015


Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, and with good weather comes the fun of the backyard barbeque. But many Friday Harbor homeowners need to be aware of some of the risks involved with these get-togethers.

Now is also a good time to review your San Juan County homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance or condominium insurance. We have many options and we would be happy to complete a free review of your homeowner’s insurance program.

Over the years, your homeowner’s coverage may have changed due to a number of factors which can limit coverage. Homeowners are well served to check their homeowner’s and auto insurance policies yearly to determine what protection they actually have.

Make Safety A Priority This Spring And Summer

  • Never use a barbecue grill on a balcony, terrace or roof
  • Don’t squirt flammable liquids onto an open flame
  • Never bring the propane tank into the house
  • Limit the use of alcohol during summer fun, and be sure you have food not just alcohol
  • If it is hot, make sure everyone stays hydrated
  • Keep meats cold until you cook them
  • Do not let foods stay out too long
  • Cook foods thoroughly to safe minimum internal temperatures
  • Make sure children and pets are in safe areas
  • Apply sunscreen 30-45 minutes before going out in the sun. Remember to reapply at least every one to two hours, and after swimming or perspiring
  • Be extra careful when using fireworks
    • Use only legal fireworks
    • Think of your pets when setting off fireworks
    • Sparklers, which burn at over 1100 degrees, firecrackers and other hand-held fireworks can cause permanent injuries, especially with young children

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